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iologic, founded in New York in 2009, is a technology-centric digital marketing company. iologic has recently stepped into Bangladesh realm with the view to serve the growing Bangladesh Market towards achieving technological excellence through SAP/ERP.

The major differentiating factor of iologic lies in the experience and in house portfolio of social eCommerce products and experts in SAP, enterprise systems integrations, and a myriad of other technologies that help companies expand their digital footprints to increase user engagements and conversions. iologic is led by hard-charging Engineers and Web Veterans that have connected schools and libraries in entire states to the Internet, designed and implemented global Application and Web platforms for multinational brands around the world, and launched Internet 500 companies� eCommerce initiatives. Now, it is time for Bangladesh to get into the act! iologic has recently stepped into the Bangladesh realm with the view to serve the growing & dynamic Bangladesh Corporate market towards achieving technological excellence. With their experience & expertise in the ERP software arena, iologic now wishes to engage the Bangladesh Corporate sector with the blessing of being in a unified environment of the business processes, in order to facilitate timely and quality business decisions in an era where information is key to business success. We welcome you all to the iologic Bangladesh Family! We hope to provide you a unified, integrated and open Business Environment in the near future!


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    Provide Management Solutions for the Upcoming Bangladeshi Giants, by providing the ability to make Quality Business decisions through relevant, integrated and updated information through SAP/ ERP solutions brought about by Technological Experts from the US.

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    In this age of digitalization, it is critical that your business is accessible to your target consumers through physical, and more importantly, digital means. People nowadays, do not have much time to invest in shop-arounds as it is extremely time consuming. They tend to search for their preferred contents first through digital means. If the consumers like something over they see through the web, they are more likely to invest more of their time in going to physically search for the products in the specified shops.