ERP…What it is?

ERP, as it is widely known throughout the world, is Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a unified environment for a business which comprises of the key business and management processes, information blocks and functional areas. The ERP Solution for any business should be able to deliver consistent, reliable and detailed information regarding various areas of the day-to-day business processes. This will help in the real time, seamless flow of information to and from the different individual functional areas of the business. This eventually benefits the overall management of the business by facilitating timely and quality business decisions.

A typical company have many different functional areas and they used to have different specialized Enterprise Solutions to address the needs & requirements of the different functional areas. One system was used by the accounts department to manage their accounting needs, another different system was for the productions department and then, when all was up & running and the productions department forwarded the goods to the warehouse for storing, another system was used to manage the inventories of the business. Some of the larger companies, who had hundreds of different areas to address, had similar number of systems for serving each functional area, and as such, it was a very common practice for businesses to build systems from scratch to meet their business needs.

If the systems could not communicate to each other, which was very common, same information which was used by two different functional areas, had to be manually entered twice or more times into each system. This was slow, inefficient and prone to manual errors.

ERP for Integration & Intelligence

As the modules in ERP, where each module is prepared to serve a specific functional area of the business, are integrated and can communicate with each other seamlessly and in real time, information no longer had to be entered more than once. Changes happening in one part of the business were immediately visible to users working in other areas of the business. This enabled users to have better, more accurate information access with little effort. For instance, once the order comes in and the sales department updates the system with the information, the system can automatically check for availability from warehouse, and if the warehouse is out of stock or do not have sufficient inventory in hand, the system will calculate the shortfall and create a production requirement for the productions department. The system will also be able to calculate stock of raw materials in hand and send requirement to suppliers as per the order requirement. After the final production is completed and the system updated accordingly, the goods are then shipped from the warehouse. The accounts department then has the required information to process billing and payment. All these are done without having to move away from the desk and roam around from one functional unit to another. That is what ERP, provided by IOLOGIC, can do for your Business, induce integration with a sense of intelligence, in process optimization.

Maintenance & Support

One of the major focus areas of an ERP rollout project is the maintenance and support services after implementation. This is where the main challenge still lies for the ERP providers of Bangladesh. A business, in its nature, has to change with changes in the business environment they are operating in. These changes have to be constantly updated and maintained in line with current needs, so that it is equipped to support the business changes as and when necessary. Providing service support, training support, 24/7 operational support in case of redundancy and enabling continuous improvement support in the first few months after implementation is where the major challenge lies for a successful ERP implementation to happen.

IOLOGIC, being an expert in the International ERP Arena as well, has a strong grasp on ways to handle the aftermath of ERP implementation with Certified ERP Coaches, a dedicated services and support team, and an Excellent Development team who can cater to the various dynamic maintenance & support related issues for the Bangladeshi Businesses after ERP implementation.