IO Commerce

eCommerce Perfected

Already a well-recognized brand for leading social commerce innovation, IOLogic has received praise and publicity from notable outlets such as Tech Crunch, The Next Web and Ad Age. IOLogic Shop is a high performance, enterprise level eCommerce platform that will forever change the way you sell merchandise online. We spent years developing and perfecting our content management and transaction system to be highly intuitive and easy to use. IOLogic Shop boasts an advanced set of marketing and order management capabilities. A cloud-based hosting system and access to parallel processing gives you the ability to instantly scale-up your servers, eliminating the need to invest and manage expensive hardware. Learn More

Social Commerce Evolved

BluCarat enables social at the core of the eCommerce experience by empowering users to interact with one another during critical browsing and path to purchase. Our technology fosters the exchange and sharing of real-time product reviews, real-time product recommendations and purchase inspirations by the users of the native website. Activating the users' community of friends, family and like minded shoppers, BluCarat's advanced algorithm aggregates and utilizes valuable UGC to establish trust, create inspiration to discover new and relevant purchase ideas and supports their purchase decisions.

Social commerce is not about driving traffic from the social media sites to increase average order value and conversion rates. More importantly, social commerce is about relationship marketing, and engaging the users during the critical path to purchase, in order to drive them to make the best purchasing choices at the critical moment of time. Learn More and Request a Demo