Businesses and their Diverse Nature

No one business is alike! Not in their operation, not in their business processes and definitely not in the way they excite customers to buy their products. Think for example, giants from the same industry, Apple and Samsung. Yes, they both are vouching for Smartphones, but there the similarities come to a halt. Now if we start talking on a global scale, the thing becomes more complex in its statute and magnitude. Something that works in a factory in Germany, will definitely not work in China. Something that works in China, should be different from that in a factory in Bangladesh.

If business processes in different region and for different businesses are different, why should your Management Solutions be standardized to fit every company? We at IOLOGIC believe that it SHOULD NOT be the case. And that is why, especially for the diverse Bangladesh Market, we have come up with a fully customizable ERP Platform, and we are calling it IO CLOUD.

What is IO CLOUD?

It is a fully customizable Enterprise Resource Planning Solution that integrates all facets of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing processes, warehouse management, inventory management, sales and marketing to managing your finance and accounts, human resources, and so many more to induce automation in business processes. Most of it all, it is INTELLIGENT & very easy to use. It can forecast your business direction and it can alert you in case certain events surface. The IO CLOUD Solution will be accessible through your Desktop, the Web or even through your valued Smartphones. Staying connected to your business is no longer an issue, and IO CLOUD does it in style with a user friendly UI and stellar performance stability!


The IOLOGIC ERP Solution includes all the modules you will ever need to address your specific SBU needs and your overall business requirements. We already have a vast array of modules, and apps to support those modules. In addition, we are working very closely with our customers to find out more sub-modules that will enrich our ERP Solution and enhance your business performance through process optimization and integrated intelligence mechanism to forecast your business future. Our set of Modules include:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Human Resource
  • Materials Requirement Planning
  • Merchandizing Management (our value addition for Apparels & Garments Industries)
  • Purchase Management
  • Production Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Fleet Management

Steps towards Excellence

So we are finally here in Bangladesh! With our blend of National & International experts, we are now able to provide you with solutions that will be of Global Quality customized according to your Local needs. With us, you can start with one module initially for a specific need and eventually evolve as needed with our vast list of modules. It is light, fast, easy to implement and as we have said before as well, as easy as browsing the web.

The End to a New Beginning

So when & at which level can we start implementing IO CLOUD for your business? IO CLOUD- Management Solutions for Smart Businesses just like yours!