IO Social

Social Commerce Core

The technology and global platform powering io-social solutions


Purchase lag, hesitation and indecision are the speed bumps that io-social aims to flatten within your buying cycles. Our Social Commerce Evolved mantra embodies our belief that you cannot bring commerce to social and instead, must embed social within the core of commerce.

At io-social we have built, and are continuing to crank out a number of innovations to help you do just that. We bring your community closer to the "zero moment of truth" when your site visitors become buyers. To focus on execution of this bold plan we identified several broad goals for our technology platform early on. Specifically, io-social will:
  • Bring community intelligence and trust into the buying process
  • Deliver qualitative and quantitative results
  • Interoperate with all commerce and CMS platforms
  • Ensure unwavering attention to security and privacy
  • Build a unified way to recruit and manage communities
  • Scale on demand to serve the heaviest flash crowds
  • Foster and turn UGC into actionable insight
Delivering on this vision demanded that we take a different approach to software development, infrastructure planning and analytics. One that allowed for easy activation of pre-built configurations while also providing an extensible architecture for custom experiences. This platform, called the Social Commerce Core, is the foundation of our current and future innovations that grow engagements and drive conversion at the core of your commerce site.


The io-social Social Commerce Core is a Cloud based platform powered by patent pending technologies that aggregate, curate and dynamically process user behavior and user-generated content within an advanced rules and recommendation engine. Through deep understanding of browsing behavior, past purchases and profile information, the Social Commerce Core executes highly relevant user matching and product recommendations that create new purchase inspirations for visitors on your native site.

The culmination of hundreds of hours of development, the Social Commerce Core engine is built on the premise that on-site social communities must be self-actualized and self-sustaining. We have seen firsthand that scaling social marketing while simultaneously ingesting high volumes of content into a commerce site is a highly manual, inefficient and error-prone process for online retailers. Social Commerce Core is the engine powering io-social Social so that the curation and management of user-generated content is now automated, creating the self-sustaining solution needed for community creation and conversion on your site.
The io-social Social solution has been optimized to run on Amazon Web Services with deep integration into best of breed performance and availability monitoring technologies to ensure flawless customer experiences. The architecture scales elastically to handle thousands of transactions per second, and consistently executes method and database calls in milliseconds to ensure top performance.
Social Commerce Core aggregates and stores a rich amount of detail resulting from community interactions that is harnessed to make real-time decisions on what product information, community members and promotions are served to online browsers. Through advanced analytics functions within io-social Command , these same datasets are used asynchronously to create demographic and sociographic segments that marketers employ in creation of offers, promotions and loyalty programs.